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Services for Seniors & Retirees


Bookkeeping Services

-  Confirm balances due and issue payment/check for household and personal expenses

-  Verify accuracy, reconcile and pay credit card  bills

-  Verify accuracy of withdrawals and deposits and reconcile bank accounts

-  Create needed reports for tax preparer/CPA and other members of your financial team

Medical Providers Interface

Schedule appointments, provide follow-through for doctor recommendations, verify amounts owed to medical providers before issuing payment. I can be designated secondary Health Care Surrogate  for efficiency

Communication with Families

We communicate regularly with family members giving updates on financial transactions, medical events, home maintenance, and other related services as permitted by the senior client or his/her guardian

Take the Headache out of Aging In Place

If you reside in your  home, we can:

- Inspect home for repair and maintenance needs

- Schedule appointments with approved vendors and contractors

- Provide cleaning services or recommendations

Prevent Theft and Scams

- Provide oversight of all monies reflected in the financial accounts

-  Act as referred agent for phone payment requests

-  Oversee all interactions with service providers and vendors


"As my client base ages and becomes more dependent on the services of others, I have come to appreciate what Theresa is able to do for them. She can provide the continuing hands-on help they need to maintain control of their lives as long as possible. She demands accountability from service providers and keeps records I need to prepare their tax returns."

                      -J. Wright, CPA

"I have worked with Theresa on several situations which involve the elderly. Her patience with the clients is remarkable and effective."

                     -John Attorney at Law

I have found Ms. Hutchins very helpful and reliable in managing medical, financial, and household management aspects of life for my elderly parent and I definitely recommend her in that capacity.  She is able to interact smoothly with a large variety of people that this implies.  She is knowledgeable about many relevant fields from home repair to government insurance programs, and always seems eager to expand her knowledge.                                          

                             - Anne P.